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Wyoming Sportsman and Firearm Auction

Online Bidding Only

Begins: Mon, Jun 17, 2019 12:00PM

Ends: Tue, Jul 9, 2019 7:00PM

Location: Cheyenne Cheyenne, Wy 82009

Auction Description

July Sportsman's Auction

Firearms, Guns, Hunting Equipment 

ENDS July 9th 7:00 PM MDT

PREVIEW:  Sunday July 7 from 1-3:00pm at 1519 Oxford Drive Cheyenne, Wy  

Special Instructions for preview:  Please come to alley behind building, preview will be in the garage. 

Pickup will be Friday, July 12 from 3:00 - 7:00pm 

Special Instructions for pickup: To avoid a long wait for your gun check, please try to come as follows:

If your last name starts with(A-E) 3:00pm-3:45pm; (F-J) 3:45pm-4:30pm; (K-O) 4:30pm-5:15pm; (P-S) 5:15pm-6:00pm; (T-Z) 6:00pm-7:00pm. 



Absolutely NO credit cards will be accepted as payment for any firearm purchases - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Accepted forms of payment for invoices under $1500 will be wire transfer or cash at time of pickup. 

Wire transfer will be the required form of payment for any invoice $1500 or more. NO CASH.

IF YOU FAIL TO PAY ON TIME, OR DO NOT COME TO PICKUP TO PAY - Your item will be offered to the backup bidder and you as high bidder forfeit your right to the item.  



All ATF firearm requirements will be enforced when purchasing a firearm through the online auction.  

  • Buyer must be of legal age to purchase a firearm (Bidders must be 18 years of age or older on the date of the close of the auction to purchase long guns or long gun ammunition. Bidders must be 21 years of age or older on the date of the close of the auction to purchase handguns or handgun ammunition.) 
  • Firearms can only be purchased by THE REGISTERED BIDDER, not by another individual, family member or friend. We will only perform NICS checks and fill out paperwork to the person who's name is listed as the registered bidder. 
  • Buyers are required to pass the NICS check before receiving their firearm, unless they have a valid Wyoming concealed Weapons Permit. If you cannot pass a background check - please do NOT bid.  
  • High bidders who fail the NICS check will be charged a Thirty-Dollar ($30) re-stocking fee per firearm.
  • There will be a fee of $10.00 per gun to process the transfer paperwork (NICS check).
  • Buyers who require shipping are responsible for all costs associated with shipping and insurance, plus a $7.50 handling fee per firearm - these costs will be charged to your credit card on file and must be paid in full before Al-Rose Auction will process the weapon for shipping. Your firearm must be shipped to an FFL dealer where you will then retrieve it and perform any necessary background checks and paperwork, you may be subject to a small fee from your FFL dealer.
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to have any firearms inspected by a certified gunsmith before firing. Al-Rose Auction has made no attempts to test these items.
  • ANY OUT OF STATE bidders who purchase any handgun will need to be shipped to an FFL dealer directly within your state. Pickup is not an option.
  • RESIDENT OF NON-WYO STATE THAT TOUCHES WYOMING - would be allowed to pickup a long gun in person. 
  • RESIDENT OF NON-WYO STATE THAT DOES NOT TOUCH WYOMING - long guns and hand guns must be shipped, pickup not an option.  


.22 shells, quick detachable Sling Swivels, misc bullets


12 & 20 gauge shells 


7M. M-S. M. ?, single shot-no manufacturer, no serial


American Gun Co. New York, double barrel shotgun, Genuine Laminated Steel barrel, end of barrel damaged, no serial #


Automatic Colt calibre 32 rimless smokeless, no clip,serial #46116 


Automatic Colt, calibre 32 Rimless Smokeless, Serial #11516, with clip


Buck knife 119 with sheath,gun cleaning kit and more


Colt Single Action Army, Model P1840,  .45 cal, Serial #S55774A (new in box)


Crossman Repeater BB .177 cal, serial #96493536


Daisy Powerline 880, .177 cal


Deluxe Shooter’s Kit-new


Dikar Spain - 45 cal. Black Powder Only, Serial #230124, Derringer Philadelphia


Dikar Spain-45 cal Black Powder Only, pistol serial #226930


Eibar (Espana) ANO 1924, made in Spain, for 38 S. & W. Special CTHS, Trade Mark GH, serial #46015


ENDFIELDS,No 4, MKI *, Long Branch 1944 Rifle, bolt action, serial #78L2434, marked K1, ENGLAND


High Standard MFG, Sport-King .22 Long Rifle, with clip, Serial #388161


J. Stevens A & T Co.  .22 -Long Rifle, lever action, 22‚Äù barrel, (No serial #)


J. Stevens Arms And Tool Co., 12GA, pump action, serial #53811


Leather pistol holster


Marlin L. C. Smith 410 bore, 2 1/2” or 3”, Serial #60-03-4490 07, 410-76. Z. H. (New in box)


Marlin Model 39-A, .22-S-L-LR, Serial #E166, lever action


Marlin Model 94, 25-20 cal. Octagon barrel carbine, Serial #367391, lever action


Montgomery Wards & Co, Hercules 12GA, single shot, serial #81411


Original German Hitler Youth knife, RZM, M7/31 August Merton Mw., Solingen-Grafrath 1935-1944 with Leather Sheath


Original Japanese late WWII Arisaka Rifle Type 30 Bayonet with Steel scabbard.  Manufacture Toyoda Jidoshoki Seisakushi (Toyoda Automatic Loom Works)


Remington .22 Short.Long or Long Rifle, Model 34, bolt action, Serial #149739


Remington Magnum Wingmaster Model 870, 12GA Magnum for 3” shells, serial #S840919M


Remington MLE1907-15, RAG1907-15, 8mm Lebel, (No serial #), clip missing


Remington Model 700 Rifle, 30-06 SPRG.  Serial #A6831820


Remington US Model of     1917, bolt action, serial #289174


Russian Mosin Nagant, sporterized stock chambered in 7.62x54R, serial #128654 barrel, bolt #180636, shell magazine #21528


Savage Arms Model 219, 30-30, 26”barrel


Savage Arms Model 220, single shot 12 GA, 2 3/4 chamber, (no serial #)


Savage Arms Springfield Model 187N, .22 cal HS short, long or L. R. AS Auto (No serial #)


Savage Arms, Stevens Model 311A, Double barrel, 12GA, 2 3/4” chamber, selected forged steel, no Serial #


Scope mount parts, recoil pads, pistol stock


Strum, Ruger and Co. Inc, model 10/22 carbine, .22LR cal., serial #115-03514


Tasco #30 Shot Saver-bore sighting tool


Taylor & Co Winchester American Buffalo Tribute McCarthy Rifle, 44-40 W. C. F. , #143 of 300, serial #W28004


US military rifle, Model 1903, customized,  serial #1201369


US SpringField Armory, Model 1903. Bolt action, Serial #1343662


Vixen .223 Bolt Action w/scope, serial #L461 No. 88564


Wards Cleaning rod with vintage bag


Weatherby Magnum 7 M/M Serial #75482, Redfield 3X-9X scope


Webley Mark IV, 38 caliber revolver, serial #Q4587


Western Field Model XNH-565-C, 16 GA, 2 3/4 chamber, pump action, (no serial #)


Winchester Model 70 XTR sporter 30-06, serial #G1594275


Winchester Model 70XTR, Featherweight-243 WIN, Serial #G1609668.  Bushnell Scope


Winchester Model 74, 22L Rifle, Serial #230144A


Winchester Model 94 30-30 W. C. F , lever action, serial #1617900


Winchester Model 94-30W. C. F., lever action, serial #1373485


Winchester Model 97 12GA, pump action, serial #E781991


Winchester Repeating Arms, New Haven, Model 95 Winchester, 30 Army, Nickel Steel barrel, lever action(serial #425537)





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For questions and concerns please contact 
Rosie Weston via email at 
Rosie Weston via phone at 307-630-9791
Emily Wears via email at


***Please Respect Our Simple Guidelines and our Staffs Time!

Wears Auctioneering/Al Rose Auction WILL Charge buyers for the following: 

  • $25 per lot for items we have to help remove due to a buyers lack of preparedness
  • $25 per lot for any items we have to haul home for a buyer
  • $25 for any lot or partial lot that is left behind
  • $25 You also may be charged for being late to a pickup.
  • $50 per hour if you require our staff to stay past the designated ending time

    **NOTE: Bids will be placed in the order that they are received. If 2 buyers enter a max bid of the same dollar amount, the buyer who entered his/her max FIRST will be the bidder that is in at that price. If you bid a certain amount and see that the bid is indeed that amount, but you are not the 'Winning Bidder', that means that someone else had a max bid of that amount and so their bid was placed into the system ahead of yours. The best way to know if you are out is to check your email as you should get an email every time you are outbid. 


    Your paid invoice is now viewable within your personal profile of our website. When you are logged in, there will be a tab at the top of the page that says 'INVOICES' this tab will have all of your invoices listed with the pickup address. If you're viewing the website on a mobile device, click on 'Tips and Tricks' at the bottom of our webpage for a link to your invoices.


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